Maybe its your first time planning an event. Perhaps your last event didn’t go as well as planned. Event planning requires skills in many areas and overlooking any one of them can have serious financial consequences and/or damage to your reputation. Don’t take chances. Instead, use our consultants who will work with you to identify and assist you in the critical decisions of key areas.

  • Date selection

  • Date selection Venue selection Promotion strategy and planning

  • Finance

  • Technical requirements

  • Risk management

  • Venue selection

  • Insurance requirements

  • Logistics planning

  • Procurement

  • Staff/volunteer management

Our holistic approach to event consulting will ensure critical areas are not overlooked. If you have expertise in all of these areas then you are ready to go. If not, our consulting services are here to help you.A typical consultation starts with a interview and questions to get an idea of the theme and scope of the event. After which, we prepare a three hour initial working session to address each area at a high level. Most clients will then take the materials from that session, start their planning and determine weak areas where they need to further engage our services. Through out the planning and preparation for the event we are available by phone or email to give additional professional input with the intention of providing you with the information you need to make informed and sound decisions.